Friday, December 18, 2009

Why Choose Vim Trading?

What is so special about your product?
There are five elements to the Vim Trading “Steps to Success” training programme.
1. Understanding the psychology of markets and your emotions (how to deal with them)
2. Money and risk management (simple but most important)
3. Investment strategies, we cover developing, testing and implement strategies.
4. The skill set; to physically trade from your office or home you require a certain skill set. The practical nature of this programme give you the skill set required.
5. Learning how to analyze charts and identify the most probable future direction of the trend. (this is where most people focus for success, it is important but the least important of the above elements)
For a fraction of the cost of other products we run our course over a three month period so clients can build on their skills between sessions. We will take clients with no experience or knowledge of the markets and within three months give them the knowledge and skills to develop and implement a success investment plan.

Others programmes just offer some of the above elements. For example some programmes can charge over €2,000 for loads of information and some poor technology all of which can be acquired for free if you are smart. Others provide one day and half day workshops on some of the skills and strategies but this is information overload and does not allow time for clients to practice the skills.

What can I take away from the course?
Clients will acquire knowledge, skills and wisdom in the above areas as well as some new perspectives about markets and finance.

What turn around on profits will I make?
If you understand what is said above to come out with this question is a bit silly.
As you may not make a profit at all.
Your success will depend mainly on you implementing a sound, realistic plan with SMART objectives. Then there are an infinite number of factors that can impact (positively and negatively) on your P&L. So while it may seem like a smart question it would be stupid for us to put a figure on the answer as you may lose money or you may become the next Warren Buffet.

What you will have is a clear understand of this fact by the end of the programme so if you get bluffed by someone offering you a magic bullet formula you were not listening in class!!!!!!

Do I need software for the course?
FREE software is provided with your trading account. We will guide clients to what we believe are good sources of free information and resources.

How much time is involved studying at home?
Simple, what you put in is what you get out. The course is run over 10 sessions and not a weekend so clients can build the knowledge and skills as well as learn from the emotions that they experienced trading. The reality is that some people won’t go near it from one week to the next but we recommend doing 2 hours of planned, specific work between sessions. Some clients spend much more time studying and they get more from the contact time as they can ask smart questions and will understand the answers.

Is there an after care service?
Yes there is a mentoring service but this is expensive. One is much better off going away and putting the knowledge and skills into practice with small amounts of money. Then, when you have experienced the real investment world join us for a group get together to explore our experiences. We find the people looking for after care are those that just don’t put the work in during the course and have more money than cop-on. They are a prefect target for a sales guy who comes along offering them a magic bullet solution.

How long will it take before I will be trading on real markets?
We hope clients set up a real micro trading account with €100 straight away and then you are trading real money in the markets. By the end of the course you should have developed an investment plan.

Do I have to set up my own account with a stockbroker?
All clients will set up a demo and/or a real account with the same brokers so we all have the same technology. We will look at a number of different ways to invest but each client’s choice of brokerage beside the demo or micro account should be based on their due diligence. While we cover the steps one takes in choosing technology, brokers and investment vehicles we do not make specific recommendations.

Investing seems like hard work, would I not be better off putting my money on deposit or letting a professional manage my investments?
For many they are better off giving their hard earned savings to an investment manager or putting it on deposit. However, don’t expect to make a great return or even a positive return on your investment. See our blog on the best investment of the past decade.

Even if you choose not to invest yourself, you will be a lot wiser about markets and investing by taken part in training with a company whose only vested interest is giving you an impartial education on the financial world. We give clients the skills and knowledge to “form their own opinion”. Our programmes are based on our understanding of what these requirements are and our knowledge and experience on how adults’ learn best.

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