Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free or just serfs

As unions and government go head to head on pay and conditions we the people need to reflect where we are on the spectrum between freedom and serfdom. On a superficial level it looks like we have a liberal society. We have free elections and free press. We have good contract and property legislation. We can dress, do and say pretty much what we feel. However, on further reflection a growing mass are under the spell of government dependency and control.

Firstly we have those on direct government dependency. The number we all know being the 423,000 on the live register. We have the same number dependant on government to pay their pension. There are thousands on Fás C.E. schemes, back to work schemes and other such projects that keep the real unemployment figures down. We then have our 263000 public servants who are at the mercy of the Government for their wages. Thousands are also employed in the community and voluntary sector which is funded through government departments. We have the farmers who since joining the EEC have become dependant on subsidies to survive which has killed off any incentive to become more productive and competitive. We then have Irish and EU regulation which is a massive burden on the farming and fishing sector as well as on small businesses. This burden means big business can be less competitive which means higher costs for consumers. On viewing “big business”, are they capitalistic or just involved in corporatism? Michael O’ Leary’s actions with the EU Transport Commissioner during the recent Lisbon campaign points very much to corporatism. Government support for multinationals also points in this direction. Now in the midst of deflation hundreds of thousands are enslaved to debt and our Government is intent on enslaving our country in foreign debt.

We think that we tried free market capitalism and got burns and we will now take security any day. However, this was just a debt based pyramid scheme. I urge you to discover what market capitalism really is and where true liberty rests.

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